Girls Health Checkup Profile

Not only is adolescence an extremely vulnerable time in a person’s life, but it is also the foundational period for adulthood. In this way, it is essential to screen the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of a child because it will help in the general development of the child as well as decide and determine any underlying concerns, if there are any. In this way, it is vital to screen the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of a child. The Girls Profile at Miracle Hospital is a comprehensive health check for young women between the ages of 11 and 24. It helps address a variety of medical issues, including hormonal and lifestyle changes, and is designed specifically for this age group.

List of Tests Included:

· Diabetes Screening (with Blood Glucose & HbA1c)

· Lipid (Heart Risk) Profile(9)

· Liver Function Test (LFT) (12)

· Kidney Function Test (Basic) (6)

· Complete Urine Routine Analysis (CUE) (20)

· Complete Blood Count (CBC) (25)

· Iron Studies (for Anemia Screening) (5)

· Electrolyte Plus Profile (4)

· Vital Vitamins Profile (2)

· Healthy Bone Profile (3)

· Misc (6)

Why must you get the girls' test done?

The results of this test tell the doctor who is taking care of your child a lot about how your child’s body works at its most basic level. During the test, specific chemicals, enzymes, hormones, and electrolytes are looked for in order to determine how smoothly the body functions. Because they are direct markers of liver and kidney function, metabolic panel blood tests are likely the most important blood tests for young women. Also, the tests give information about the body’s acid-base balance and the blood buffer systems that work to keep the right levels of essential salts.

The significance of annual checkups for young women

This package examines levels of the hormones luteinizing hormone (LH), follitropin (FSH), and prolactin (PRL), all of which change during puberty, which begins between the ages of 8 and 14 and continues until the mid-20s, when it ends. In addition to this, the package includes a phosphorus test, which is used to determine whether or not the bones are healthy.