Manoj M C

Dr. Manoj M C

    • Qualification :  MBBS, MD – Radiology
    • Specialty : Radiologist

Dr. Sharafine Stephen is one of the best ENT specialists with experience in not just Ear, Nose, and Throat but also very good expertise in the Head and Neck as well. Dr. Sharafine Stephen enhances patient lives by not only treating ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat) problems but by permanently curing them. Dr. Sharafine Stephen has constantly endeavored at his clinic to fulfill the patient’s expectations and strengthen the patient-doctor relationship, built on trust and confidence. Dr. Sharafine Stephen has extensive experience. Dr. Sharafine Stephen is very well versed in the usage of the latest technological advances such as Lasers, Microdebrider, Coblation, and Endoscopes.

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