Tips for Woman Travelling During Pregnancy
Madhusudhan Naidu January 12, 2021

Tips for Woman Travelling During Pregnancy

Taking care of you and your child during pregnancy is important. And if you are planning to travel during your pregnancy, it is foremost important to take a yes from your practitioner.

Take extra care during pregnancy

Your child health is anyhow crucial for you and mom-to-be need extra care these days. Well, every practitioner is going to allow you for traveling unless there is a complication, but you need to follow some safety measures.

For a comfortable journey, you need to follow some strict parameters to avoid any harsh effect on your child. In pregnancy, symptoms of nausea morning sickness or cramps in legs can appear. You need to take extra care of these while traveling.

Timing is important

Well, during your pregnancy, caring for the timing is quite much crucial. You want to organize your trip depending on your period. Caring for yourself is crucial at the initial three weeks of your pregnancy. You have to prevent any excursions and traveling in this time period. You may find just a small nausea sense.

So, it gets important if you plan your timing according to your pregnancy dates for comfortable travelling.

Choose your favourite destination

Well, it is good to visit a place that excites you. But take care that the weather and other climatic conditions of that place should be suitable for you and your child.

 That is why choose a destination with moderate climatic conditions. You must not plan a travelling to a place which is humid in nature. Just try to take permission of your practitioner also for the place you are visiting.

Your destination, where you are going should be safe for your pregnancy and it should not affect your child adversely. Before making plans you must check the details of your vacation spot. You must carry entire information regarding the weather and other conditions.

Be safe with your pregnancy!


Tips for Safe Travelling During Pregnancy

1. Pick a relaxing seat

It is important for you to choose a seat that is more relaxing for you. Pick a seat from where it gets easy for you to manage frequent washroom visits. If you are travelling by car, then go for a front seat instead of a back one to avoid nausea and all.

2. Carry some healthy eatables with you

When you are on vacation, you get lenient with the food you eat. But you must take care that the food you are eating is affecting your child as well.

Take care that you must carry some foodstuff along with you while travelling. Eat food at regular intervals and not to starve at all. Carry foodstuff that is easy to pack and doesn’t require much effort. Munch them regularly while travelling.

3. Stretch while Travelling

It is always recommended in pregnancy to stretch your body after short intervals. As stretching your body is going to reduce your cramps, it makes you feel relax as well. Ease your leg cramps and blood clotting with stretching your body.

4. Drink water often

Make a habit of drinking water often as it reduces swelling. It is quite essential to drink water at a short interval as it reduces your puffiness and blood clotting. It also reduces your swelling of ankles and feet.

5. Tie your seat belt right

Well, with your baby bump on, try to fix up your seat belt in the right way. Just try to tie your seat belt not so tight and not so loose.

If that seat belt doesn’t fit you, ask a crew member and get it fitted by them.  

Enjoy your vacation while having a baby bump and consult Gynaae care for more help!


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