Madhusudhan Naidu January 12, 2021

Take Care of the Periods is Beneficial During IVF Treatment

Generally, the period of IVF is from four to six weeks from the beginning to the end. This period covers the whole process from the first day of IVF treatment to embryos transfer and final pregnancy test. Before starting the IVF cycle, it is necessary to discuss the duration with the reproductive specialist so that your whole body can respond to fertility medications and procedures.

However, depending on the specific guidelines, the process can run at a slower or faster pace. In particular, cases take care of the periods during IVF treatment may be a long time. There is no need to be frustrated because some common factors affect the time.

Balanced diet during IVF:

The first thing is to focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet during the IVF cycle. However, there is no need to make any big and unused changes at this time. Mediterranean-style meals can be beneficial for patients because a plant-based, the hue base can give your body positive nutrition.

Research has proven that the Mediterranean diet develops the IVF success rate of non-obese women (under 35 years of age). Although sperm health can be affected by diet, dependence on the Mediterranean diet is an essential option.

Method of exercise during IVF:

Often, women do not give importance to work out during the IVF cycle, which can be serious for their chance of pregnancy. It would be appropriate to continue what you are doing like exercising, jogging, hiking. Just need to replace or low something all the levels safely.

However, running can be more harmful than any type of exercise for fertility. In general, during the IVF, women should go more than 15 miles a week.

Avoid the products of chemicals:

Avoid some household items made of endocrine-disruptive chemicals to take care of the periods during IVF treatment. This intervention in prenatal development can be serious for reproductive health. To avoid chemicals, to avoid cosmetics and food packaging materials, Nail Palais, soap, cream etc. are the main ones. Apart from this, avoid plastic, aromatic beauty toiletries, painted furniture, old yoga mats etc. should be avoided.

Natural supplements during IVF:

Before starting IVF cycle it is necessary to start prenatal vitamin seriously. It provides protection against brain and spinal cord arising out of fetal development. In addition, prenatal vitamins help promote the health of sperm. To support the development of the embryo, fish oil and vitamin D type supplements should be started before the IVF treatment.


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