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Ever since people have started observing infertility rate within oneself, it became an immense need for people to go for non-invasive and quick methods that can boost fertility. Therefore, patient-friendly methods like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) came in existence. The process is pretty simple and doesn’t require much time and efforts of individuals. In case you are planning to adopt this method to boost your fertility rate, consider the following points to understand how this scientific miracle works.

Here are the few steps involved since the inception of the IVF process within a female body:

1. Inducing the process of ovulation

In the first process, the woman’s body is deeply examined and induced with certain procedures to let her body release some eggs. Women with difficulty in producing eggs are often asked to eat certain fertility medicines to stimulate the production of eggs from the ovary.

Despite the medicines, if it is hard for patients to produce eggs, the doctor might suggest other methods to ovulation by taking help of egg donors.

2. Retrieving of the egg from the female body

Once the women will start with ovulation, the doctor with the help of a small needle will retrieve the eggs out from the body with gentle suction.

Basically, fluid is ostracized from the follicles. Afterwards, the egg is separated from the follicular fluid. Then the retracted egg is placed in a dish for putting it in the incubator.

3. Finally, the process of fertilization takes place

The retracted egg is then left with the busy sperm to make a combination in a particular chamber. The sperm can be gotten via the partner another donor, whatever scenario indicates. The approach is observed from the incubator from the physicians to be sure a healthy embryo grows, to be put within the uterus.

4. Placing the healthiest embryo inside the uterus

After closely looking at each developing embryo, doctor finalizes the healthiest one and then places it back in the uterus via non-invasive methods.

Now when the embryo is all set to convert into a fetus and then into a baby, here are few things to do after the placement of the embryo inside the body:

What precautions to take after IVF process?

1. Relax your body and mind after the completion of the IVF process. Nurture your body with some sleep and soothing activities. Try watching a favourite TV program or go for a walk in the vicinity.

2. Eat good diet as if you are already pregnant. Go over the internet to search for the diets after IVF treatment. Take notes from your doctor regarding what food items you can gulp down the throat to start eating for two.

3. Don’t indulge in high-intensity workouts as your ovaries are still tender and by performing intensive you might lead to contractions in the uterus.

4. Don’t isolate from your people. Make a pact with them, stay close to your spouse, friends, family and other people to whom you can rely on. This way you won’t feel alone and wouldn’t have any anxiety of proceeding ahead with the procedure. Don’t stress or take tension about the outcomes. Stay relaxed and prepare in advance for the baby.

5. Don’t flow towards the extreme temperatures like hot tubs, saunas other things as this may affect you in some way or another.

6. At the end do not forget to stay happy and smile every time.


Over to You!

Now you know how patient-friendly and non-invasive the IVF treatment is. If looking for a professional clinic nearby, consider paying the visit to Gynaae Care Clinic to get the success rate in the most beautiful journey of pregnancy.


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