Lamaze Session by Dr. Bala R

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Lamaze Session by Dr. Bala R

01/30/2023 @ - 01/30/2023 @

30 Jan -

Miracle Hospital ,Bangalore

The Lamaze Session for Healthy Pregnancy and Normal Delivery is a specialized event hosted by Miracle Hospital, designed to provide expecting mothers with the knowledge and tools they need to have a healthy pregnancy and a safe, natural childbirth experience.


Led by experienced Lamaze educators and obstetricians, the session covers a wide range of topics related to pregnancy and childbirth. The goal of the session is to empower expecting mothers to make informed decisions about their healthcare, to alleviate any fears or concerns they may have, and to provide them with the confidence they need to have a positive childbirth experience.


During the session, attendees will learn about a variety of topics, including:


The physiology of labor and delivery

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for managing pain and anxiety during labor
  • Comfort measures for labor, including massage and positioning techniques
  • The benefits and risks of medical interventions, such as epidurals and induction
  • The importance of skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding for newborns
  • Postpartum care and recovery for new mothers
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, practice relaxation techniques, and connect with other expecting mothers in a supportive and informative environment.


At Miracle Hospital, we believe that every expecting mother deserves the knowledge, resources, and support she needs to have a healthy and positive pregnancy and childbirth experience. Our Lamaze Session for Healthy Pregnancy and Normal Delivery is just one of the ways we support our patients throughout their pregnancy journey.



Dr. Bala R


Miracle Hospital ,Bangalore